Hi everyone! Hope you are doing ok. I miss a lot of you guys, I hope you’ll at least be able to join us for a zoom chat soon! We have been working very hard to keep things running smoothly. As of right now we are still open. This week’s schedule is still abbreviated, however the poll on Facebook indicated that a lot of you are still interested in coming in so we opened up the schedule.

Starting MONDAY 3/23 the schedule is…

  • 6am express (30-45min) (May be removed if no one attends)
  • 9am
  • 10am express(30-45min) (May be removed if no one attends)
  • 4:30p
  • 5:30p
  • 6:30p interval(MWF)/express (T/Th)(30-45min)(May be removed if no one attends)

Make sure to reserve as we are capping all classes at 10, including instructors. The express classes are shortened so we can have enough time to deep clean throughout the day. We will be doing workouts outside as much as possible! Bring a yoga mat and get ready to sweat! Live workouts will be streamed on zoom at 9a and 4:30pm M-F & 9am on Saturdays.

The links for all of the meetings can be found in the helpful links section as well.

If ANYONE is in need of ANYTHING, please don’t hesitate to ask. We are still a community, even if we may be separated due to the pandemic. Stay connected on our facebook members page or via email at coachv@crossfitantics.com ♥

Wishing you all the best,

♥ Coach V & Corey

Helpful Links…

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