Hi Everyone!

Without question, our top priority has always been the health and well-being of our members and staff.  Each decision we make has a broader impact beyond our operations. On 3/20 we were mandated by the Governor to close our doors until early April, and we are complying to the fullest extent of the mandate. 

This closure doesn’t mean we can’t continue to thrive in the adversity that we all face. In addition to offering equipment rentals at no charge to members that have kept their memberships active, we have also developed programs to help you continue to stay fit and connected throughout this crisis. We have now completed our first week of homeWod and have instituted live classes via zoom teleconferencing and facebook live at 9am Mon-Sat and 4:30pm Mon-Fri. All of our content is also pre recorded and put on youtube for those of you that can’t attend our live classes. You can find all the details here – https://crossfitantics.com/helpful-links/

If you are worried you can’t stay committed or engaged online, we highly recommend giving one a try. You’d be pleasantly surprised. We give you feedback and instruction, plus the workouts are all mostly CrossFit style so you’ll still get the same great workout that you’ve come to know and love. 

While we know that this is not the traditional experience of CrossFit, we agree that the best way we can provide value for our members and prevent the spread of illness beyond a doubt is to create a virtual space where we can come together and work out – and still be unified.  I know that this is hard because CrossFit Antics has served as a physical place that has meant so much to many of us. For some of us, it’s the one place we find solace away from a crazy world. 

But what makes what we have extra-special is not the building or the equipment we have; it is the people.  This season is testing that. Let’s continue to stay in community, whatever that looks like.

Join us for Zoom Chats on Tuesday & Thursdays at 8p. We play games, chit chat and bring back some of the fun banter from the gym that has created such a special community.

We love and care about you. We care about your fitness. This next week is going to look different.  Some of you have just begun making strides in your routine – building habits, becoming consistent, getting more steps, eating more vegetables, becoming more comfortable with working out.  That doesn’t have to stop. Don’t let it. You’ve trusted us with your fitness for the past seven days, seven months, and some of you many years. In this time, we ask for that trust to continue. Your support has been overwhelmingly positive, but we are still don’t know what the future holds. For those of you that have reached out and have continued to support us, thank you. 

On a needs end – if there are any of you whose jobs have been affected, who have been unable to obtain basic necessities, or who are experiencing difficulties during this time, please reach out.  We can be resources to each other and help each other more than ever. 

Coach V & Corey

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