Here is where you can find all the information for our rental and at home programs as well as other fun things I’ve found along the way.

Apps & Downloads

Youtube Channel – View all of our pre recorded workouts and content here.

ZOOM Links

• All zoom classes will use this same link. We offer 9am by default M-Sat but if you need another class time please contact us. –

• My favorite timer and interval app (I believe it is also available on android, here’s the apple store link)

Equipment Rental Info (CLOSED)

We are only using this on an as needed basis. Only members in good standing can rent equipment. Barbells will only be rented to Barbell Club Members. There will be limits to how many pieces of equipment can be rented. The process is as follows,

  1. Submit your online agreement HERE
  2. Confirm your agreement by clicking the link sent via email.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a scheduling page to book your call. This is to arrange what equipment you want and when to pick it up.
  4. You’ll receive an email to schedule your equipment pick up time. If you don’t get one, click HERE.